Skin Care

Our product of choice is PHYTO SINTESI of Italy. We offer a variety of skin care treatments for every skin type. Each facial starts with a deep cleansing, followed by steaming to open up pores and make the skin more receptive to the vacuuming process. This allows for deeper penetration of the mask chosen specifically for your skin. Your face is then hytrated with a rich Italian moisturizer. You'll leave with unclogged pores and a radiant, glowing face.

We have a variety of masks for every skin problem. There are treatments for acne; pure, native collagen fiber masks; modeling masks which are rich in trace minerals and amino acids; masks for mature, dry skin; galvanic current and hi-frequency.

For men, we offer the "Sport Treatment"... a quick, 30-minute deep cleaning and light moisturizing. Or select our "Executive Treatment"... a full hour of facial massage, cleansing, skin-corrective mask and light moisturizing.

DEAN CARVER has been offering fine skin care since 1974 (ten years after we opened).

For over 30 years Phyto Sintesi uses the most reliable and advanced technologies to offer a wide range of nature-based products for face and body for both salon and home use
Phyto Sintesi body products include a variety of products for body care among which are wraps, cellulite gels, synergies and others. Phyto Uomo Line is a special line of products for men. Bringing hydration and freshness to the face while relieving tiredness, the products take care of manís skin.
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