Dean Carver believes that "classic" never goes out of style. While fads may appeal to our younger clientele, true classic style is elegant, efficient and simple...transcending time. A great hairstyle must have a great haircut, one that allows the hair to be easily maintained even at home.

Our staff is a collective of experienced well-trained designers and colorists. Many are former salon owners themselves., with advanced education in all forms of hair coloring and color correction. Each member of our team shares a creative passion to see that your finished color and look are nothing short of magnificent. Simply put, we are the very best at what we do.

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Framesi hair products are known for their quality and high performance, always respecting the integral structure of the hair. Each product is part of a comprehensive approach which restores hair and skin to their physiological equilibrium after heat treatment. Behind each specialty Framesi product are carefully balanced, innovative formulations and raw materials. Framesi is inspired by Italian style, fashion and energy. With Framesi hair products the hairdresser has an instrument ready for use, up to date and easy for reproducing fashionable hair and solutions to each customer, that always has space for personalization.